UNO Communications Spa: Your Gateway to Any Destination in Italy



The Interconnections service offered by UNO Communications Spa is an essential solution for companies needing extensive and reliable connectivity across the entire Italian national territory.

The image below highlights all the interconnection points of our network with TIM Spa. Each AGWIP has 2 fully redundant interconnection points, totaling 32 direct interconnections with the TIM Spa network.

Our IP-level interconnection with all 16 AGWIPs (Area Gateway IP) of TIM Spa guarantees unprecedented coverage and quality for our clients. Each AGWIP is equipped with two fully redundant interconnection points, ensuring a stable and secure connection, resulting in a total of 32 direct interconnections with the TIM Spa network.

This redundancy system ensures service reliability, minimizing the risk of interruptions and guaranteeing operational continuity for our clients' activities.

Centralized and Efficient Traffic Management

At the heart of this extensive network lies our datacenter located at Via Caldera 21 in Milan. Here, our central softswitch is housed. This state-of-the-art infrastructure allows us to manage phone traffic efficiently and securely, offering our clients unparalleled service quality.

The interconnection with TIM Spa's AGWIPs, combined with the centralization of traffic in our softswitch, enables UNO Communications to offer a unique entry point to reach any destination in Italy, facilitating communication and the expansion of our clients' activities across the national territory.

If your goal is to improve your company's connectivity, extend your communication network, or simply ensure greater reliability in data transport, UNO Communications is the partner for you.
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