– UNO PBXUC is the cloud-based platform that allows Operators, Resellers and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) to provide their customers with virtual switchboard and enterprise collaboration solutions.

UNO PBXUC is the cloud-based platform that allows Operators, Resellers and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) to provide their customers with virtual switchboard and enterprise collaboration solutions.

The platform is complete with all the systems required by companies today in order to be quickly active and face any eventuality in the future with a minimum initial investment:

  • Cloud-based
  • Integration with fixed and mobile
  • UC
  • IVR
  • Simplified management portal for end-users
  • Not restricted to specific IP devices
  • Mobile app
  • Softphone usable from PC
  • Easy integration with CRM

Easily integrated with existing infrastructures, the services can be tailored to the customer to offer a feature-rich cloud solution.

It is a cloud system accessible anywhere and anytime. All you need is an internet connection and a PC, a mobile phone, a tablet or an IP telephone device. No need for dedicated telephony infrastructures or specialized technicians.

The management system is intuitive and allows administrators to manage features, control usage and quickly respond to any problems without interrupting the service.


PaaS cloud solution hosted in a datacenter in Milan. No investment in fast-aging hardware but up-to-date solutions for all your customers. Deployed immediately, ready for tomorrow.


– Scale the infrastructure as your customer base grows.
– Provide your customers with the services they require when they need them.
– Modify the configurations as you please and allow your customers to independently change the basic settings.


A wide list of certified brands and equipment to choose from: guide your customers in their choice based on their needs and budget.


Thanks to the MOBiiS app and the web portal, you can guarantee the operability of the service wherever the customers are and with any connection they work.


Based on the “pay-as-you-grow” business model, the infrastructure grows with the needs of your customers and in parallel with your business.


The self-provisioning of the equipment is automatic and the management of users and functions does not require developers or specialized technicians.


The platform is built around the user and his needs, and is constantly updated by teams of developers to ensure system security and the availability of new features for all customers.


Provide customers with services by adding the value of your brand.


– Managing small offices or multi-site companies with a single PBX service has never been easier.
– Investments limited to your current needs without setting limits for the future in terms of functionality and services.


– APP for mobile phones, PCs, tablets ready for use in a few minutes.
– UC, IVR, call center services are available.


The platform allows integration with any CRM platform (Salesforce, SAGE, ..) allowing the user to make calls with a single click or to have automatic access to customer information in the event of incoming calls


Choosing among the numerous brands of certified IP phones according to your tastes, needs, budget is the dream of every company; but accessible to just a few.


– From design to implementation without the wait.
– The use of the APP and the WEB platform allow you to be active without having to wait for the delivery of the equipment.


– Reduce costs and activation times.
– Simplify the management of incoming calls without losing business opportunities.
– Reduce recursive costs and those of calls abroad by using the voice channels and tariff plans of the switchboard even from mobile phones.


Start a telephone conversation on one terminal and continue it on another without service interruptions.


– It’s the application developed specifically to allow you to always be reachable.
– No need for complicated configurations, VPNs or access to specific internet networks.
– The APP decides independently whether to use the WIFI or the mobile network based on the best quality available
– MOBII is intuitive and easy to manage for your customers, it revolutionizes the way you communicate when you are in the office or on the road. For Android and iOS.
– Just to name a few of the APP features: quick access to the main value-added services, unified history, unified contacts (professional and personal), user presence status and telephony in real time.


– Using the switchboard directly from the PC has never been easier.
– No software to install, the Customer can access directly from the web by logging in with his credentials.
– Available for any type of device (PC, Tablet, smartphone, iOS and Android), it allows quick and easy access to functions such as rule management (groups, forwarding and services), lists, unified messaging and presence.


UNO PBXUC is based on the ENREACH platform, the European leader of modular platforms for Unified Communication solutions for companies with over 20 years of experience and benefitting from continuous development.

It allows companies and employees to be in constant contact, increasing productivity with investments allocated only to real needs.

It allows you to easily integrate technology, connectivity and productivity with the growth of organizations, optimizing the points of contact with customers and ensuring great efficiency and transparency.

Greater collaboration wherever people are and greater adaptability to change.

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