About us

– Find out more about who we are and how we work: transparency towards our Customers is our primary goal

Uno Communications has been operating in the telecommunications industry since 1998.

Always ready to integrate the latest technologies, Uno Communications offers a portfolio of solutions and services capable of responding to the needs of companies of all sizes, ISPs, Carriers and OLOs. The Company’s size and the values ​​that underpin its development, allow Uno Communications to offer a high level of service, also guaranteed by the Service Charter.

The Ministerial Licenses

Uno Communications S.p.A provides its services in compliance with the following authorizations and licenses issued by the Ministry of Communications.

  • Authorization to provide Internet services No. 1201 of 07/27/2000
  • Individual license for the installation and supply of telecommunications networks open to the public n ° 258 of 01/08/2002.
    This authorization allows Uno Communications S.p.A. to create a proprietary telecommunications network over which it can provide services to the public without using the incumbent operator’s facilities.
  • Individual license for the provision of voice telephony service No. 259 of 08/01/2002.
    This authorization allows Uno Communications S.p.A. to offer voice telephony services on its own network.

The Mission of Uno Communications is to provide companies of all sizes along with ISPs, Carriers and OLOs, customizable telephony and carrier services solutions that satisfy the real needs of the Customer, offering convenient and transparent rates whilst guaranteeing a high level of service.

Uno Communications SpA’s capability to stay on top of the latest technological developments in the field gives it the ability to effectively respond to the current and future needs of customers.

The Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by the Service Charter, in which are stated the services provided and the commitments undertaken in terms of their quality.

Uno Communications adopts a system of values that guides its Employees and Management in carrying out its activities both in the day-to-day decision making and in the long-term strategic planning.

Customer: satisfying the customer’s needs is an essential part of our business.

we do not expect others to fix problems, we come up with solutions.

Team spirit:
collaboration is the basis of our professional activity.

Quality and Transparency:
a high level of service and a complete understanding of a customer’s needs are key to satisfaction; Customer satisfaction is the basis of our development.

Taking responsibility:
we do not leave others with responsibilities that are ours.

Developing TLC services and broadband internet connections guaranteed throughout the territory, now an indispensable asset for every type of customer (companies of all sizes and ISPs, Carriers, OLOs alike). We want Uno Communications SpA to be recognized as a Partner by its Customers.