NUMBER (800)


Toll-Free Number collecting service (800)

The Toll-Free Number collecting Service (800) offered by UNO Communications is an optimal solution for companies aiming to implement or enhance their Customer Care and Commercial Assistance services. By using toll-free numbers (800), companies can provide their customers with a unique and free point of contact across the national territory, thereby encouraging interaction and improving customer satisfaction.

UNO Communications, thanks to the Italian ministerial authorization, is able to assign 800 numbers, allowing companies to have personalized and easily recognizable numbers for their customers. This aspect is fundamental for strengthening the corporate identity and facilitating access to the services offered.

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    Benefits of Toll-Free Numbers

    The possibility of providing these numbers to resellers, who can in turn resell them to their customers, opens new business opportunities and allows the expansion of service offerings with high added value solutions. The number portability on the UNO Communications network also ensures that companies can keep their existing numbers, facilitating a seamless transition without service interruptions or inconveniences for customers.

    White Label Solution

    A key aspect of the service offered by UNO Communications is providing White Label services, allowing resellers to offer toll-free numbers under their own brand. This not only increases the perceived value by end customers but also enables resellers to consolidate their brand image and differentiate themselves in the market.

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